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Cabin Fever

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Dream Weaver

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The Eye Of The Storm

Michelle Harrelson Drake

"Finding one’s roots" could be the way this artist best describes her experience with long leaf pine needles. She has tried several craft media in the past but nothing has piqued her interest as has coiled basketry.

Many artists claim nature as their inspirational source; this is certainly true of Michelle Harrelson Drake. Born and raised in Alabama’s Calhoun County, opportunities for close observation of nature in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains have been abundant.

"I have spent many hours harvesting and processing my needles and raw materials, and countless more perfecting techniques and studying the history and methods of this craft in hope of achieving an artistic standard."

Michelle has recently taught a workshop at the MOUNTAIN LONGLEAF FESTIVAL at McClellan through Jacksonville State University special fields. She was invited to participate in A WINTER MARKET at Anniston Museum of Natural History in 2003 and 2004. She has also received a diploma in advanced technique by a fifth generation Master Craftsman from North Carolina. Her baskets are presently being handled by ART WORKS an artist’s cooperative gallery of 921 Noble Street in Anniston, Alabama.

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The Pair                                      See Shell