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Kacky's Irises

Spring Is Here

Ludy Turner

Painting has been part of my life for thirty years now. Many of those years were spent painting on location, and it still is my favorite way to paint, because what I put on canvas or paper outdoors is livelier. My first medium was oil, but later I added watercolor as another avenue to achieve the effect I wanted in my painting. Ink drawings are fun to do as well.

After painting for many years in workshops and taking lessons from artists s.a. Janet Tillery, Doyle Fellows, Cynthia Parsons, Donny Finley, Tony van Hasselt and Wayne Spradley, I went back to school and took art classes at Jefferson State Junior College and U.A.B.

It is important to me to remain open to new and different ideas to improve my painting. Workshops, other artists, and trying new and different approaches help me to keep learning.

My work has won awards at various art shows, and is in homes, businesses and offices all over the country. I taught a beginning class at Alabama Art Supply, and continue to teach in my home studio periodically.

For several years my work was at the Loretta Goodwin Gallery in Birmingham. Currently my paintings can be seen in Anniston at the Art Works Gallery, or in my home studio, by appointment.


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The Old Silo

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View From the Window