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Alabama Galleries is pleased to provide a plan to display your work

Basic Plan:
A web page with your statement and biographical sketch and up to 5 graphics. 
See sample page.

$4.95 per month

Plan 2: 
Same as basic plan with additional graphics and  two e-mail addresses at

$6.95 plus $0.50 for each extra graphic per month

Subdomain Plan: 
Under this plan you will have your own mini web.  Traffic will be directed to your site at   Alabama Galleries will host and maintain up to 5 pages with a total of 5 megabytes and 4 e-mail addresses.
$69.95 set up fee and $8.95 per month. Additional pages and e-mail addresses can be added and priced to fill your requirements. 
Web Hosting Plan: 
Alabama Galleries will register your domain name, secure a host, develop  and maintain your web at 

For more information and pricing e-mail

If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days your money will be refunded. All plans will be billed on a 6 month subscription.  Fees for any changes you wish to make in your plan will be negotiated. Alabama Galleries reserves the right to reject any material not compatible with this site for arts and artists.