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Jamie Huckaby

I am a sculptor, painter and mosaic artist who began doing art when I was young. Since early on, I have looked to nature for inspiration and have done art in a natural and instinctive manner, doing my work free of limitations. I have developed my own mystical styles that I have used successfully for my art.
Some of my past art will be considered visionary and avante garde in it's nature. Examples of this could be seen in much of my display that I had for an art show at the Naked Art Gallery in 1999. This kind of work of mine rejects academic rules and regulations for art in modern society. It is art for celebrating nature, life and freedom in an unrestricted state, which only exists in indigenous peoples and individuals who resist modern society and seek to stay close to the earth in their hearts and thinking. Some of my art during this time could also be seen as a resistance to the oppression of modern society and government, as it rejects the premise that says because we are born into something than we have obligation to uphold and accept it. I continued with this message when some of my work was accepted into the juried show at the Pensacola Museum of Art soon after the show I had at the Naked Art Gallery. I continued to look for ways to become more free as an artist and to use art for a way to celebrate natural life, joy and harmony, and hopefully to spread light to other people with my art in my efforts to open hearts and minds to new things.
My art can be spiritual in that it has depicted people in their ideal state being close to nature, doing their own farming, hunting and fishing, and living free on the land. My art embraces the spiritual idea that we all have a place on the earth to be ourselves and live on land that the creator gave for all of us to live in harmony, not for some to take it and decide who gets to have some. My art fundamentally rejects all modern governments and political ideologies, however it is not political, because my art embraces the spiritual belief that all politics and ideologies will fall. I used painted rocks in a cirlce surrounding a rock representing the sun and I have used words combined with images on 11 tablets that I displayed in 1999 to represent these things.
My art is not photo- realistic in style, but it is often colorful, illuminating and idealized in my own natural way of doing art that enables me to express my feelings about life and beliefs about nature. Balance, the power of the sun and nature, the joy of the earth and simple ways of life are central to my themes in art. The conceptual aspect of my art is realistic, in that I believe that art has the power to shape lives and culture, and I look to the roots of my people and others' from times when many ancient peoples lived free of the kind of restrictions that people face in modern society, as I see a duty to inform people that we are part of the natural world and belong in accordance with it both in thought and action. For myself, it is one of the few things I can do, to be an artist, that gives me outlet to have a free spirit and mind when living in this kind of society. My art teaches that we are prisoners and slaves of an oppressive, controlling and restrictive society and for us to grow and prosper we must be free.
My art transgresses the boundaries and labels that many academics seek to impose upon art in our society. As an artist, I reject strict constraints and or ways of doing art that suggest that it absolutely must be done a certain way. I do my art from my own heart the way I want to naturally. I am able to adapt and change my styles, all of them remaining my own styles, to be successful at art. I like to develop styles that I already have to make them sharper, or sometimes I simplify a certain style, mixing it up and doing different things. I consider my art both avante garde and classical in it's conception and technique.
My current painting is simple and a celebration of the sun, earth, life, joy and harmony. In the future I hope to do some different things, and will be doing so as I plan to display new mosaics soon. I am also coming back into doing some sculpting and hope to make sculpture that is focused on natural forms and other interesting things. I also hope to make functional pieces that are useful for people. These sculptures and functional pieces will be made using natural materials.