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L.W. "Jack" Hadder

Water Media Artwork


As a watercolor artist Jack Hadder was somewhat of a late starter. His first watercolor painting was completed after his 62nd birthday. What was to be an occasional hobby turned into " love at first sight".


He attended watercolor classes with Wayne Spradley, of Pell City, and has traveled to the Northern tip of Michigan to study with Chen Khee Chee and West to Santa Fe to study with Jan Hart.

His library of books and videos on design, composition, color, techniques etc. continues to grow. He has spent many hours of self-study and experimentation with water media, mainly watercolor.

In 2004, Jack entered his first exhibit and proudly brought home an Honorable Mention award. In his second exhibit, the 63rd National Watercolor Society of Alabama Exhibit, he also won an award.

More recently Jack has become interested in the oriental style of painting called Sumi-e. He loves the clean simplicity of the art form that captures the essence of the subject without overworking the results.

In his "spare" time, Jack (a Life Master) plays , directs, and teaches bridge. He has however, reduced the number of sessions he plays per week to devote more time to his new love, painting. He paints almost every day in his studio in his rural home overlooking a lake in Clay County, Alabama.



I began painting somewhat late in life but I feel a passion about painting. I just have to do it. While Iím completing one painting, Iím already thinking about the next one.

I usually work in my studio, with wonderful music playing on the overhead speakers. I sometimes feel that my painting are in harmony with the music. I usually begin by discovering something that for some reason attracts my attention. It may be an old gnarled tree, a weathered barn, a beautiful flower or something more abstract such as some interesting shapes.

Some of my work starts totally as an abstract. I apply paint randomly and just watch the wonderful transparencies of watercolor mix on the paper. I later begin to see a subject develop. Sometimes this process may take several weeks before the subject appears while at other times it is immediate. Once I get started, I usually get totally lost in the experience of the moment and may lose all track of time before I stop.

Becoming an artist at my age I think proves that one is never to old to learn. And the learning process continues. I learn from every painting and continue to explore various ways to express my feeling about the essence of the subject that Iím painting.


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Road Test


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Circle of Friends


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