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Harold Jones

Harold Jones has been turning precisely crafted wooden pieces for over 50 years.  Most of his experience was acquired from working as a pattern maker in the foundry industry.  Tradesman turned craftsman and now artist, Harold continues to gain popularity in the southeast. Today, his work and can be found in homes and offices all over the US and internationally.

The artist, using different colored woods in segmented layers, creates unique and interesting designs for a variety of useful and decorative objects such as bowls, containers, and vases.

In the most recent years, Harold became intrigued with the beautiful grain patterns that evolve from burl wood and from wood that has obvious defects such as knots and bark inclusions.  Now with many of his turnings having a natural edge and the tree bark remaining on the piece, he uses this once considered flawed wood to create unique turnings that are "sculpture-like" pieces for the home and office.

Harold’s work has been published in Southern Living Magazine and other local and regional publications. His work can be seen at Art Works Gallery in Anniston, Alabama where he is a member of East Alabama Artist Inc. and online at and .

Native and long time resident of Ohatchee, Alabama, where he established Owl Hollow Woodcraft, Harold, along with his wife Betty, now makes his home in High Point, North Carolina. There he continues to create, to display, and to sell his ever expanding line of unique art creations.



FD801012.jpg (18949 bytes) FD801022.jpg (30173 bytes)
This piece measures 7 inches in diameter and is 7 1/2 inches high showing a beautiful elm grain.   Spalted Oak with a
  natural edge.
FD801001.jpg (24130 bytes)
A Beautiful mulberry  piece for any collector. It measures 12 inches across and 4 inches high.
FD801003.jpg (32732 bytes)
Elm with several bark inclusions. This piece was turned from a branch where the tree forked making some interesting grain patterns. The size is 13 inches across and 7 inches high.
FD801009.jpg (51227 bytes)
Oak and Walnut  segmented vessel with a striking walnut design.